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London Calling

Just a brief post from London.  I know, brief usually means a 10 minute read.  But we’re off to the Tower this morning and then off to tea with the Queen.  Need to get fitted for topcoat and tails.

Shades of Italy. Too much food!

We spent the morning essentially bumping into one another in our rental flat in the Kensington section of London.  After getting the cats herded we were off in separate directions, boys shopping, girls shopping, Suzy and Bill eating.  We met up with Lindsey and after wandering a bit settled in a pub for a traditional British pub lunch.  I was sent up to the bar to order drinks and lunch and, unfortunately, the order lost a little in the translation, Suzy and Lindsey’s “share plate” pub lunch sampler being translated into an order each.  When the first one arrived, on two hulking boards, chocked with small plates (for sharing) of fish and chips, meat pies, sausages, french fries (oops, chips), yorkshire pudding, mashed peas, fried shrimp – you get the point – we laughed, not quite understanding the waiter saying under his breath, “second one is on its way.”  A moment later our table was overwhelmed with another two boards full of food.  I guess that’s why they call it room and board, but in general the board is supposed to be smaller than the room.  Shades of Italy!

Looking good, Billy Ray. Feeling good, Louis.

The afternoon consisted of more eating and drinking.  Or rather nibbling and sipping.  Afternoon tea, an anachronistic tradition when who knows when, when you get all dressed up and spend tons of money for tiny sandwiches you could make at home and a pot of tea.  But I kid.  The setting at the lovely Dorchester Hotel, seated next to the piano player who regaled us for several hours with all manner of show tunes, the wonderful service and the unforgettable ambiance, not to mention the scones and sweets made this a truly memorable afternoon.

Then on to the theatre.  Last night’s feature was Matilda, the story of a naughty girl who had the audacity to read.  It was, simply, spectacular in every respect.  And I mean every.  From the adaptation of Roald Dahl’s story (a favorite author of mine) to the original songs, the staging and most of all the acting.  What an ensemble.  Dozens of actors raging in age from 8 to 60.  And it was the kids, especially Matilda who stole the show.  The girl who played her was mesmerizing.  Completely believable.  Smart and sassy at once, then vulnerable and sweet at another.  It was a night to remember.

Jason Statham. Actor. Tough guy. Wears dark suits.

And we finished it off with a late night dinner at a local foreign restaurant.  All decent restaurants in London are foreign fare.  But along the way, walking through Covent Gardens we happened upon the filming of a movie, something featuring Jason Statham.  A sequel no doubt.

Today we begin our sequel to London Day I.  I hope it’s even better than the original.

Ci vediamo!
Bill and Suzy

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Just a brief post from London.  I know, brief usually means a 10 minute read.  But we're off to the Tower this ...


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