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The rolling green hills of Italy have always been known for providing rich culinary experiences: savory plates of pasta, distinctly cured meats, flavorful olive oils. And of course, everybody knows about Italian wine. But there’s one more thing that’s steadily been rising through the ranks of Italy’s already abundant food scene: craft beer. And although many Italian breweries are small or relatively young, they all boast big flavor and creativity.

Recently moving into the spotlight is an Umbrian brewery located in Pontenuovo di Torgiano, Fabbrica della Birra Perugia. The brewery is a contemporary interpretation of ancient history, which began in 1875. During its earliest days, when it was the only brewery in Umbria, beer was distributed by cart with the help of powerful Maremma horses to get the beer to the train station and a few grocery stores and taverns. Today, they continue the tradition of fine Italian brewing and export to several countries across the world.

Birra Perugia beers are authentic expressions, handcrafted from natural raw materials and Umbrian spring waters. And just last year, Birra Perugia put Umbria on the beer map with Calibro 7, which won Beer of the Year 2015 at Beer Attraction, an international beer festival in Rimini. The intensity and creativity of this beer topped all others in one of the most competitive categories in the beer world. Via Umbria is proud to bring this unique and award-winning beer, as well as four other varieties of Birra Perugia brews, to the DC area.


Birra Perugia Golden Ale Birra Perugia Italian Red Ale Birra Perugia Chocolate Porter Birra Perugia Calibro 7 Birra Perugia Classic IPA

Golden Ale is light in color, with fresh aromas, lively taste and rich flavor. (5.2%)

American Red Ale is an amber colored ale, with an intense fragrance and an enveloping and decisive taste. It is inspired by a pioneering style that marked a decisive stage of the American craft beer revolution. (6%)

Chocolate Porter is a dark colored ale, with an enchanting fragrance, delicious notes of cocoa, and a full-bodied flavor. (5.3%)

Calibro 7 is an exuberant and original Italian Pale Ale, with strong citrus and tropical aromas. The creative recipe uses no less than seven different hops, resulting in an unconventional and irreverent fruity taste. (5.5%)

Classic IPA is produced with only malt (100% Maris Otter Flor) and English hops (East Kent Golding). The strong dry hopping gives resinous and balsamic sensations, with well balanced bitterness. (6.2%)

Haven’t tried any of these yet? We highly recommend that you do. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or just entering the world of craft brews, we’ve got the perfect event for you. Join Via Umbria on Wednesday, February 17th, to celebrate the month of Fe-brew-ary. This event is free to attend, with brews and bites available for purchase all night. Let us know you’re coming by reserving a spot, or just drop by to see what it’s all about!

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The rolling green hills of Italy have always been known for providing rich culinary experiences: savory plates of pasta, distinctly cured meats, flavorful ...

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